Services You May Not Know Are Available at Urgent Care

Services You May Not Know Are Available at Urgent Care

Medical problems often occur outside of your regular doctor’s hours of operation, or when your doctor is booked, and you can’t make an appointment. VIP Urgent Care has a wide range of services provided at all three locations throughout the Coachella Valley.  Our urgent care facilities are fully staffed with qualified doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions.  Here is a list of 6 services you may not know are available at urgent care centers to consider the next time you need medical care.

Treatment for Injuries

If you get hurt with a minor injury, our facilities most likely will be able to help you. Some people might think the emergency room is the best place to go. But urgent care centers also have doctors available to treat certain injuries.

From sprains, strains, and broken bones to scrapes, wounds, and abrasions, we are here to help. Sports injuries and dislocations can help be determined with digital X-rays we provide, helping the doctor determine the severity of your injury.

We recommend calling first to ask if we will be able to provide the specific care you need. If you have a significant open wound or the pain is severe and constant, the emergency room is a better choice.

Depending on the injury, you will need to follow up with your primary doctor for further care.


Drug Screening

At VIP Urgent Care, you will be treated professionally. Visit any of our three locations for pre-employment drug screening, employee drug testing, or accident investigation drug testing. Every patient can expect complete confidentiality. During the drug test, you will provide a urine sample on-site that will test for a number of controlled substances. If you are taking any prescription medications, please bring the pill bottle or note from your doctor.


We are more than a drug test location. We provide a full range of services and are conveniently located in Indio, Palm Desert, and Palm Springs, making it easy for your employees to our range of services closest to their home or office.


STD Testing

6 Services You May Not Know That Are Available at Urgent Care


If you think you’ve been exposed to a sexually transmitted disease (STD), or if you haven’t been tested in a while, getting tested can provide peace of mind and protect your partner from exposure. But you may feel uncomfortable going to your regular doctor for testing.

We can provide confidential lab testing.




STD screenings may include testing for:



Genital Herpes (if you have symptoms)




Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

Regular testing is important even if you don’t have symptoms. Some STDs are asymptomatic in the early stages, but it’s still possible to pass the disease to someone else.


Physicals and General Exams

You can make an appointment with your doctor when you need a physical or other routine health screenings but depending on the number of patients under your doctor’s care, it could take days or weeks to get a wellness check appointment.

If you need a physical sooner than your doctor is able to accommodate you, VIP Urgent Care can perform your physical and other screenings such as school, sports, camp and college physicals. Work, insurance, and adoption physicals are also available.


Pregnancy Testing

Although home pregnancy tests are generally accurate, you may want to confirm the results with a medical professional just for peace of mind. VIP Urgent Care can help verify your results with an accurate pregnancy test to confirm that you are.

A pregnancy test can detect a hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This hormone is present around six to eight days after a fertilized egg attaches to the wall of a woman’s uterus. If you are pregnant, the levels of hCG hormone rapidly increase every few days.

VIP Urgent Care professionals are available every day of the week. We are open holidays to help provide fast, reliable testing for pregnancy. Our staff will confirm the results in a comfortable and supportive environment. No appointment is necessary.


Trigger Point/Steroid Injection

Joint pain, joint effusion, and recurrent soft tissue trigger point irritation are common complaints in urgent care facilities. Patients that have specific trigger points that can be felt with a firm touch may experience the most relief from injections. They may be very helpful for immediate relief for severe pain in patients with an individual headache or migraine attack or may help treat an overall worsening of head pain in patients with chronic headache disorders


A trigger point injection is a procedure where a medication, usually a local anesthetic, is injected into the painful muscle to provide relief. The pain relief should be in the affected muscle and in the area of pain as well.

The injection usually contains only a local anesthetic, but occasionally may contain steroid medication.

Consult with your doctor as to whether or not this treatment is appropriate for you.


For a full list of services provided, please click here.


This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. If you are displaying very serious signs such as an inability to wake up, seizures, or repeated vomiting, it is a time-sensitive medical emergency, you should seek immediate care and proceed to the emergency room immediately.