Patient Reviews

"Love this urgent care. In and out quickly and the staff is great."

Janette J.

"We've been going to VIP for years. In the past 4 months, we've had to go three times for entirely different reasons. We've gone for everything from x-rays and an emergency flu visit before a trip. The staff is always helpful and the wait time is not long (especially compared to what you would have to wait in the ER!). Super convenient, and the VIP doctors are the best."

Evy H.

"I twisted my ankle last night and was in a lot of pain. I got to the Urgent Care when they opened. Was taken in immediately after filling out forms. Saw the doctor within 5 minutes. Went for an X-ray of my ankle and foot. They didn't see any fractures, but said it was a bad sprain. I was out in about 30 minutes total with ankle wrapped, Rx for pain, instructions, and an order for crutches. Everyone was helpful, polite and caring."

Cynthia R.

"This was a great experience! I was in and out with what was wrong with my daughter. The facility was clean and professional. I would recommend them to anyone that needs care away from home."

Melissa M.

"My visit today was excellent. The front office staff was understanding and professional. I was in the exam room within 10 minutes of completing my paperwork. The tech was nice, understanding and professional. The doctor arrived in less than 5 minutes. He worked quickly and asked relevant questions. Received my prescription list in just a couple more minutes from another nice tech and off I went to a pharmacy. Arrival to departure was 30 minutes. Now I know I got lucky with the brief amount of time it took but it's the empathy and professionalism that I appreciate."

Mark G.

"I've been here many times and always had the best of care. The place is clean and the staff is friendly and professional. Between my regular doctors care I come to this place for minor emergencies."

Stevan O.

"I have been coming here for years and have never had an issue! It's the only place my daughter's pediatrician trusts to send us on weekends or after hours."