Staying Healthy and Happy During the Holidays

Staying Healthy and Happy During the Holidays

With the holiday season upon us, our social calendars become full with holiday parties. Holiday parties can leave us with little time for planning healthy meals or sticking to a regular exercise routine. Check out our ideas below for staying holiday healthy!


Holiday Health Tips

Don’t Leave the House on an Empty Stomach

Arriving to your holiday party on an empty stomach can cause you to overeat and eat too quickly. Have a small snack before heading to your holiday party so you aren’t starving. Not arriving with an empty stomach will make it easier to resist overeating.

Avoid Standing Near the Food Table

This is one way to avoid the temptation of one more cookie or cheeseball. To help, move socializing away from the food table and make sure to move around the room.  Bonus: more steps!

Limit Drinking

Not only does alcohol increase hunger but some mixed drinks may have as many calories as a dessert. Pace yourself and have water in between cocktails. This will help combat dehydration and will help decrease the temptation to snack.

Stay Active

Staying active during the holidays isn’t just good for your waistline, it’s good to help boost your mood, especially if a busy schedule has left you overwhelmed.  Taking time to enjoy the outdoors can help to ease stress. Plan a hike or 30-minute walk with friends to stimulate the production of feel-good serotonin.

Remember, don’t abandon health habits or feel pressured to eat or drink more than usual just because of the holidays. Maintain good eating habits, make time for yourself, exercise and you will make it through the holidays feeling happy and in control.


Holiday Urgent Care in Coachella Valley

Doctors offices are closed during the holidays and emergency rooms are extremely busy; remember VIP Urgent Care is open. VIP Urgent Care is the most comprehensive independent provider of urgent care services in the Coachella Valley. We’re open Monday through Friday, on weekends, and holidays. Call (760) 674-1923 for Palm Desert, or (760) 969-5999 for Palm Springs to schedule an appointment.

Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional.