Benefits of Jogging

Benefits of Jogging

Exercising doesn’t always mean that you have to join a pricy gym, committing to a trainer, or buying hundreds of dollars’ worth of new work-out clothes. One of the easiest means of a good exercise is simply throwing on your tennis shoes and going for a short jog around the block in the morning or at night.  You’re able to clear your mind, strengthen your bones and muscles, and reap the long-term health benefits. Check out all the great benefits just a short jog every now and then will give you.


Good for your Heart

Jogging can be a great cardiovascular workout that boosts the health of your heart. It can help keep heart problems and diseases at bay. Jogging ensures that blood is pumped faster to the heart and, thus, maintains blood pressure. It can also help control cholesterol and blood glucose levels. You don’t need to jog very long either, just two 10-15-minute segments can help.


Helps you Maintain and Lose Weight

Adding jogging into your workout routine can boost your exercise intensity and aid in weight control. The number of calories you burn depends on a lot of variables, including genetics, age and how long you jog, but you can expect to burn about 180 to 266 calories in a 30-minute jog.


Improve Mental Health

Jogging has also been proven to improve attitude and aide as a stress reliever. Jogging outside and on trails, creates a release of endorphins that can cause euphoria or just a general sense of happiness.

A regular running or jogging routine has been used for years to treat clinical depression and addictions. Focusing on the jog itself, patients have noticed less tension, less depression, less fatigue, and less confusion.

Gives you More Energy

Incorporating jogging into your workout routine will begin to help shrug off some of that sluggishness by improving your overall fitness and boosting your mood. This helps to work your way up to longer jogs or even up to running.


Better Night’s Sleep

Jogging regularly can help improve sleep. Feeling well rested allows you to focus better and maintain positive emotions. Less stress and better concentration allowing you to get through your day with the ability to stay productive. At the end of the day, you can rest easy.


Health and Safety Tips to Remember while Jogging

Here are some tips to keep in mind while jogging:

  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet.
  • You must increase your fluid intake and drink lots of water.
  • Never eat immediately before or after the run.
  • Carry your cellphone with you.
  • Inform a family member or friend before you go for jogging. Also, tell them where you intend to go and by when you would return.
  • Do not play very loud music on your headphones or earphones. Be alert.
  • Do not venture into deserted roads and areas for jogging.
  • Raise an alarm or call for medical help if you hurt yourself while jogging.


Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. If you are displaying very serious signs such as an inability to wake up, seizures, or repeated vomiting, it is a time-sensitive medical emergency and you should seek immediate care and proceed to the emergency room right away.